Updating ESX 3.5 using esxupdate

If you have not got the VirtualCenter and thus cannot use the UpdateManager then you will have to do things the hard way and manually install all the patches. This can be a bit of a paint but the following can make like easyer

Download all the patches into a new directory ie. /files/Patches/ToApply

Untar all the files within this directory. This should produce a number of subdirectories such as  ESX350-200805501-BG etc

Run the folling command

for update in `ls`; do esxupdate –noreboot –force -r file:///files/Patches/TODO/$update update; done

This will attempt to install all the updates that have been unzipped. Check the logs to see if any failed due to the machine not being in maintenance mode. If this is the case you will have to rerun the updates.

Once finished move all the patches into a directory such as /files/Patches/Done

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