iPhone 4 – Replacement Back Panels

Well after being told by Apple its going to be £139 to replace I have been looking to see what other avenues there are. Looks like the rear panel is VERY easy to replace – Two small philips screws and then the panel slides off

Video showing this

Photo guide from IFixIt.com

There are a few suppliers that are looking to stock replacement panels. Many from china etc but there are also some UK based traders. A couple I have found which are meant to be getting them in soon are

iPatch are looking to be able to supply just the glass (which means heating up the panel, removing the smashed glass and then sticking the new glass down) or a complete replacement panel

iPhoneFixed are looking to be able to supply OEM panels as well as Apple branded panels

So time to wait and see if these get the panels in soon. On a good note I’ve now got a case round the phone which i think would have protected it enough to avoid the smash but hey ho. Thats life. Its only a cheap effort off Ebay but its just as good as the “Bumpers” apple are selling but only cost a fraction at £4.99

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  1. had the 4s less than 2 weeks,was sat in the office and it fell less than 12 inches from my pocket to the floor and shattered the back glass,1st time with an i phone and not impressed so far as the i cloud system wiped all of my phone contacts syncing with the computer while it was on charge.

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