iPhone 4 – Back glass smashed 🙁

3 Days into iPhone 4 ownership……While at a wedding my jacket was knocked off a coffee table and I thought nothing of this until I took the iPhone out of my pocket and was distraught to see that the back of the phone had smashed to pieces. I was amazed such a light impact could cause such severe damage. I even still had the original protective covering on the rear as I was waiting for my protective cover to arrive.

So much for Apples – “Chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic, the glass is ultradurable and more scratch resistant than ever”

Looks like this new iPhone 4 is more fragile than a piece of China

Removed the factory protector to see the full damage

Now we have to wait and see what Apple have to say about this “ultradurable” glass failing so catatrofically.

Update: Well Apple don’t think this is down to them and there is nothing they could have done to prevent this….well other than covering the phone in a material that didn’t smash so easily. The Apple option is to get it fixed for £139 🙁

Update 2: Well after writing a letter of complain they basicly said. Accidental damage is not covered under any circumstances. I know this is not true as it seems if your someone in a high profile position like a blogger for Gizmodo or Simon Peg they place them.

7 responses to “iPhone 4 – Back glass smashed :(”

  1. Ouch.

    This is why I never buy Apple.

    Style over substance. Ive dropped my nexus one of a balcony onto conrete after a drinking session. No damage apart from a tiny dent/scratch on a corner.

  2. if you can find a company selling the spares the back panel is supposedly a very easy piece to remove and replace (undo 2 screws at bottom and slide panel up). Certainly shouldn’t cost £139. That’s a joke considering an apple store last yr replaced touchscreen on my 3GS for £75

  3. Bear in mind this was a suit jacket it was in which has VERY thin fabric on the inside pockets which would give virtually no protection. On the outside I agree the fabric would cushion it but not on the inside.

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