Fixing Vista MBR with SATA & PATA Mix

After resizing a partition in vista (and playing around in OSX a bit) I broke my Vista install. I have Vista running on a SATA disk but I also have a PATA disc which I am playing around with OSX on.  I was getting a problem where the OS would not boot in Vista…The bootloader was screwed.

After googling lots I found out I should boot the Vista install DVD and get into the The Following did not work

bootrec /fixmbr <worked>
bootrec /fixboot  <worked>
bootrec /scanos <worked – showed my windows installation>
bootrec /rebuildbcd ….
(It found my OS and asked to add it to which I replied “yes” but then got)
The system cannot find the file specified

After using PARTEDIT I was able to resize the partition back to a single patition (just to remove the new partition in case it was causing the problem) After this I then got the following on boot

File: \Boot\Bcd
Status: 0xc000000f

Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

Back into Vista Recovery console I was still getting the same errors as before…..BUT bingo – I read somewhere to remove the PATA drive so I rebooted without the PATA drive into the Recovery console and then the “bootrec /rebuildbcd” command worked without any problems.

Rebooted and Vista started up. Shutdown, connected up the PATA and rebooted and its all back up and running.

So the KEY is if you are running bootrec in a mixed SATA & PATA environment remove the one you are not using if you are hitting problems. 

I’m hoping to get rid of the PATA drive soon to simply things.

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