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  • Installing MQ / libstdc++.so.5 pre-req on RHEL6

    One of the pre-reqs that if needed by MQ7 (or more specifically gsk7bas) is that it needs – libstdc++.so.5. If you try and find this package its often not available. To install it run the following commands yum groupinstall “Compatibility libraries” yum install libstdc++.so.5 If you want to install MQ you will also need […]

  • Apply MQ Service on Ubuntu – to

    The first thing to do before upgrading MQ is to stop all queue managers. If you are running any message brokers then stop these as well. i.e. endmqm CSIM Use the command “dspmq” to check that all local queue managers are stopped Download the fixback from the IBM service web site – i.e. for 64-bit […]

  • Install MQ onto Ubuntu 10.4 (or greater)

    Ubuntu is not officially supported on MQ but it runs fine except you need a few tweeks to get it installed. As ubuntu normally uses Apt-Get to install packages we need to install the rpm packages. This lets you use the rpm command like you would on other linux OSs sudo apt-get install rpm […]