Update ETACs on Mitsubishi ASX

Steps to get into ETACS customization:

Start Lexia Office, than select C-crosserLexiaDiagnosisTest by function.

Next, choose category. Depending of your selection, you will get ECUs list. You’re mostly interested in ETACS, for unknown reason called there “BSI”.

So, select BSIConfigurationManual configuration

Next, there will be two options – Vehicle configuration and Customer options.

The latter is unwritable in Lexia, it can be modified by PP2000 software or using MMCS.

The first one contains Vehicle options and Default Parameters. Here’s you buffet, but be careful, do not change options with unknown as a value – there is no easy way to change them back!

After having option changed press F5 to save, you’ll be asked for a code – enter 03114.

Do not switch ignition off until told to do so by instructions on the screen – you can have a ECUs inconsistency problems!

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