Remote Start on Mitsubishi ASX (With SmartKey)

With the few cold/frozen mornings we have recently I remembered why I liked keeping my car int he garage. Unfortunately the ASX doesn’t really fit with the dryer in there as well.

There is an official remote start from Mitsubishi but its designed only for automatics and comes in around $500 which is way more than I was prepared to pay. While it is possible to fit the remote starts that are designed for automatics on manual transmissions its highly NOT recommended as there is nothing stopping you by accident starting it while in gear.

There are two components required to get Remote Start on the ASX with SmartKey

The Clifford Remote Start comes with a module & remotes which gives you remote start along with the usual lock/unlock and is also capable of a number of other operations such as turning on the rear demister. There are no modules which will use the existing remotes (some modules claim to work if you can double click the lock button on the remote but this activates the deadlock on the UK ASX so not suitable)

The DB-All is where the magic happens. It interfaces into the cars CAN-BUS so that it can lock, unlock, door sense, handbrake sense, etc all without connecting up each cable. This makes a huge difference to the number of connections required to get the system working. The module also disables the requirement for the SmartKey to be present while in remote start mode. The DB-All module is universal and needs to be programmed with the firmware for your car. This can be downloaded from the XpressKit web site or they can be purchase pre-programmed.

When the car is in remote stat mode the car is LOCKED. The car must be unlocked using the remote. As soon as the door is opened the engine will be cut. It must then be restarted in the usual way. Unfortauntely at the moment its not possible to perform key take-over on the ASX. Hopefully this will come in time in the shape of a firmware update for the DB-ALL

Connecting up the Clifford & DB-All

Pictures showing location of connectors

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There are two further connections:

  • You will need to get behind the Push-To-Start button. To do this you need to remove the dial surround. This can be easily removed with a little pull towards the driver which released all the clips.
  • The final connection to to the Clutch Interlock Switch. There are two sensors on the clutch so make sure you get the one with the pink connection on pin2

Indicator Connections

On the clifford module uts not required to connect up the indicators. The main reason for this is because when you are locking / unlocking your car its the car that is actually doing this and so the lights will flash as usual. The only time the clifford module will flash the lights are when priming remote start and to show errors. Even if you don’t connect up the indicators you can still hear the relays so will know if its working.

If you do want to connect up the indicators you must also move a jumper on the Clifford Case to tell the unit that the indicators require a +ve signal. By default it provides a -ve signal thus not flashing the lights.

Programming the DB-All

  1.  Connect the 12-pin & 14-pin harnesses to the module. Press & hold the Programming button, then connect the 4-pin D2D harness.
  2. Wait until the LED turns ON orange then release the Programming button. The LED turns ON red.
  3. Make sure the key is in the vehicle. Press the push-to-start button twice to the ON position. The green LED turns ON for 3 seconds and shuts off.
  4. The module is now programmed, press once again to OFF position

Once the DB-All is programmed you then need to program the Clifford to pick up the tach

  1. Start the vehicle with the key. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the Control button.
  2. After 3 seconds the status LED on your Control Center lights constant when the tach signal is learned.
  3. Release the Control button.

To remote start you must follow the following procedure:

  1. With the engine running, set the parking brake and leave the engine run- ning. For Pit Stop or Turbo Timer mode (to leave the engine running after arming) open the driver door.
  2. Release the foot brake (if pressed during Step 1), or press and release the foot brake anytime. As long as the engine is running there is no time limit to perform this step.
  3. Within 20 seconds of foot brake release, press any command button on the remote, after 20 seconds return to Step 2 (For Turbo Timer Mode, press the optional dash mounted activation button, or send the Timer Mode command from the Advanced Start menu).
  4. The vehicle lights flash 5 times to confirm MTS mode enable and the remote start activates the ignition outputs.
  5. Turn Off and remove the key from the ignition switch, the engine remains running.
  6. Exit the vehicle, close all the doors and lock the system.
  7. The engine turns off after a few seconds. If the door is opened in Step 3 then the engine continues to run.

You can now remote start the vehicle. If a door is opened before the next remote start activation, the system will not remote start the vehicle.


Thanks to Ed for getting hold of the Clifford & Xpresskit modules.

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