New Mitsubishi ASX-4

Today we picked up our New Mitsubishi ASX.

Started with a trip to the Reading dealer (as Mitsubishi Southgate of Romsey who we initially ordered it from had gone bust). Thankfully got a lift from a friend at work to Southampton Airport Parkway. £36 later we had two tickets to Winnersh. Train journey there was actually OK although were very frsutrated to miss the connection from Reading -> Winnersh literly by seconds. It left just as we got to the start of the platform.

Once in Winnersh a 15 minute walk as it was nice and Sunny and we were at the dealer.

After a bit of waiting (as Anythony our sales man was out on a test drive) we started the paper work.

Had a quick look over the car and it was all good except the Interior Matts were missing. A small oversight but it was sorted straight away and they were there before we had finished all the paperwork.

A couple hours later and we were all done and ready to drive home. About a 50 minutes drive of some nice A roads then the motorway.

Really happy with the car – So glad we went for the black wheels as they really compliment the black bumper trim

Pics to follow

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