Internet Enabled Central Heating Controls

This is the start of me trying to build a small Internet Enabled central heating controls. The idea is to replace my existing Drayton Tempus 7 unit. I have the following requirements

  • Web Front End
  • 7 Day Planner for Central Heating
  • 7 Day Planner for Hot Water
  • 1/2/3 Hour Boost
  • Advance
  • Switching for 2A 240v ac
  • Survive power outage


  • Remote Temperature Sensors – Wireless?

At the moment I can see two products which could be used – Raspberry Pi or Arduino.

Current Thinking is

In terms of System Design…
Application A – Monitoring Application which will log the temperature to Mysql? or RRDTool
Application B – Control Centra Heating
WebServer – Display Temperatures & Update Heating Schedule

2 responses to “Internet Enabled Central Heating Controls”

  1. Intrigued. Have a need to control the central heating via a web based interface that allowed me to alter the heating and hot water on/off times (when I’m at a ski resort). The raspberry pi seems a possibility. Would need to find a way to “broadcast” the IP address (e-mail?) as and when it changes from the ISP – saves cost by not signing up to a static IP address service).
    Happy to participate if you feel you’d like me to…

  2. The IP issue should be fairly simple to solve. There are quite a few DynamicIP address companies, some of which provide a small linux client so that could run on the pi and update the address as the ISP changes it.

    One of the big hurdles at the moment is waiting for my pi. Not sure when it will arrive.

    Already started playing with the UI of the temperature reporting side of things and thats going fairly well.

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