Home Automation – Raspberry Pi Links

Below is a number of links that have helped me setting up my Raspberry Pi

iWebKit – Great framework for developing web apps that look like native iPhone apps

Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Making App Store Apps Without Objective-C or Cocoa

Making Electricity Usage Graphs with the Current Cost device – Great for getting started with a CurrentCost device

How to install Node.js on your Raspberry Pi – Tom Gallacher – Great site on how to install Node.js onto the pi – Not quite but it gets there in the end

Install node.js v0.8.2 – Nice simple instructions on how to install the latest version.

Node.js, MQTT and Websockets – Good tutorial getting started with web sockets

An MQTT/Websocket based Thermometer using the html5 meter tag – Good follow on to use for dynamic sites.

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  1. Hi Rob,

    I’m starting to make my raspberry pi talking to my JSON/KNX gateway (KNX IP BAOS 772) and these links were all I needed to start.
    Thank you.

    What kind of automation are you using?

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