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  • Windows 7 – Windows Update error 8007000D

    The following fixed this for me 8007000D – Error_invalid_data. Corruption in the SoftwareDistribution folder. Please rename %windir%/Softwaredistribution folder. To rename the Windows Update temporary SoftwareDistribution directory follow these steps: 1. Start an administrative command prompt. 2. Run the following commands hitting enter after each line: Net stop wuauserv cd %systemroot% Ren SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old Net start […]

  • First problem with XP SP3

    After hearing all the disaster reports about installing SP3 I decided to take the dive and installed it on my works ‘Intel’ laptop. It all seemed to go on fine. Could not really say if its much quicker. Maybe boots up a bit quicker but didn’t do any timed tests. As it all worked fine […]