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  • Macbook Air – No camera detected

    If you have this problem then often the fix is to run sudo killall VDCAssistant After this your camera should show up in the System Information and be available to applications such as FaceTime

  • Integration Bus – JDBC – SQLCODE=-805, SQLSTATE=51002

    If you find you are hitting this SQL error when using Integration Bus with JDBC you are probably not closing off everything properly. As documented in the Knowledge Centre, IIB maintains a connection for a given application until it idles out (default 60 seconds). As a result: DO NOT close the actual connection. If you […]

  • DHCP Failing – Error 5: Access is denied starting Diagnostics Policy Service

    If the DHCP stops working on your machine, this might be due to the Diagnostics Policy Service not running. If you try and start it manually you get the following error “Error 5: Access is denied ” To fix this is simple if you know how. Run the following command from an elevated command prompt […]

  • Great service from Head2Heel Reflexology

    Have a great reflexology session today. Very relaxing in a nice and chilled environment and best of all it was free as part of the therapists training If you fancy a session then take a look at Head2Heel

  • Installing Mosquitto 1.0.1 in Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

    Mosquito have just released their 1.0 release..well actually its already 1.01 πŸ™‚ Currently the Raspbian repositories don’t seem to have it but its nice and easy to get working wget tar -zxvf mosquitto-1.0.1.tar.gz cd mosquitto-1.0.1 make sudo make install sudo ldconfig Jobs a goodun. It can be checked by running “moqsuitto -v”. If you […]

  • Heating Control System – Hardware/Software Configuration

    Below is a little diagram showing some of the components of my heating Control System. This is mainly based around the monitoring side. Soon I will be adding the XRF Relay board which will be used to control the central heating.

  • iPhone 4 – Replacement Back Panels

    Well after being told by Apple its going to be Β£139 to replace I have been looking to see what other avenues there are. Looks like the rear panel is VERY easy to replace – Two small philips screws and then the panel slides off Video showing this Photo guide from There are a […]

  • iPhone 4 – Back glass smashed πŸ™

    3 Days into iPhone 4 ownership……While at a wedding my jacket was knocked off a coffee table and I thought nothing of this until I took the iPhone out of my pocket and was distraught to see that the back of the phone had smashed to pieces. I was amazed such a light impact could […]

  • How to Add Vista to Windows 7 Boot Manager

    1. Invoke a command prompt with Administrator priviledge. If you don’t know how to do it. Please follow the steps in this post. The instructions are for Vista, but they are the same. 2. Type the following to list the current boot manager settings. C:>bcdedit Windows Boot Manager ——————– identifier {bootmgr} device partition=C: description Windows […]

  • Updating ESX 3.5 using esxupdate

    If you have not got the VirtualCenter and thus cannot use the UpdateManager then you will have to do things the hard way and manually install all the patches. This can be a bit of a paint but the following can make like easyer Download all the patches into a new directory ie. /files/Patches/ToApply Untar […]