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  • Using node.js WebSockets to get live MQTT updates

    To keep some of my pages up to date with the live sensor data I am using websockets to get MQTT publications. On the server there are two parts. A Python script which is monitoring a serial port for data and then publishing it accordingly. Information about this can be found at  XRF Temperature Sensor -> […]

  • Backup FileServer

    Main Command tar -czpf /mnt/a/full-backup-`date ‘+%d-%B-%Y’`.tgz –directory / –exclude=video –exclude=temp –exclude=stuff –exclude=music –exclude=proc –exclude=mnt –exclude=archive –exclude=cache –exclude=*/lost+found . To restore tar xpf /dev/st0/full-backup-Day-Month-Year.tar I have now improved this with a new version of the script… if [ $(ls -t -r -1 /temp/OSBackups/* | wc -l) -gt 4 ]; then echo “Weekly Backup – Removing file […]