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  • Mosquitto 1.0 python changes

    Looks like there have been some changes to the Mosquitto v1.0.1 python libraries. So far only hit the one but it was quite a major one. The connect method has been changed. If you try and run your code you will get Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line 13, in <module> mqttc.connect(broker, port, […]

  • Installing Mosquitto 1.0.1 in Raspbian on Raspberry Pi

    Mosquito have just released their 1.0 release..well actually its already 1.01 🙂 Currently the Raspbian repositories don’t seem to have it but its nice and easy to get working wget tar -zxvf mosquitto-1.0.1.tar.gz cd mosquitto-1.0.1 make sudo make install sudo ldconfig Jobs a goodun. It can be checked by running “moqsuitto -v”. If you […]

  • Using node.js WebSockets to get live MQTT updates

    To keep some of my pages up to date with the live sensor data I am using websockets to get MQTT publications. On the server there are two parts. A Python script which is monitoring a serial port for data and then publishing it accordingly. Information about this can be found at  XRF Temperature Sensor -> […]

  • Installing MQ / pre-req on RHEL6

    One of the pre-reqs that if needed by MQ7 (or more specifically gsk7bas) is that it needs – If you try and find this package its often not available. To install it run the following commands yum groupinstall “Compatibility libraries” yum install If you want to install MQ you will also need […]

  • MQ on RHEL6 FDC – MSGAMQ6119 Resource temporarily unavailable’ from pthread_create

    After configuring a RHEL6 box with MQ we hit a problem where by when we had a large number of connections (118) it would then fail to allow any more connections. You could also not perform any operations on the box. If you attempted to make a change you got the following error fork: retry: […]

  • Apply MQ Service on Ubuntu – to

    The first thing to do before upgrading MQ is to stop all queue managers. If you are running any message brokers then stop these as well. i.e. endmqm CSIM Use the command “dspmq” to check that all local queue managers are stopped Download the fixback from the IBM service web site – i.e. for 64-bit […]

  • Ubuntu 11.04 Upgrade…won’t boot – GRUB prompt

    Aftert upgrading to Ubuntu 11.04 my server would not boot. It looks like there is a bug in the update such that if you upgrade from Ubuntu 10.10 which itself had been upgraded from Ubuntu 10.04, and grub was never reinstalled then you just get a GRUB prompt after bootup. To fix this you need […]

  • Install MQ onto Ubuntu 10.4 (or greater)

    Ubuntu is not officially supported on MQ but it runs fine except you need a few tweeks to get it installed. As ubuntu normally uses Apt-Get to install packages we need to install the rpm packages. This lets you use the rpm command like you would on other linux OSs sudo apt-get install rpm […]

  • Creating a VM from a Linux System

    Create a VM with similar characteristics i.e. Same OS & HDD setup as real machine. Real Machine IBM HS20 Blade 2x Xeon Processors Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sda5 48G 3.5G 43G 8% / /dev/sda1 99M 53M 41M 57% /boot /dev/sdb5 49G 4.5G 42G 10% /db2data none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev/shm /dev/sdb2 […]