Category: Heating Control

  • Using node.js WebSockets to get live MQTT updates

    To keep some of my pages up to date with the live sensor data I am using websockets to get MQTT publications. On the server there are two parts. A Python script which is monitoring a serial port for data and then publishing it accordingly. Information about this can be found at  XRF Temperature Sensor -> […]

  • Heating Control System – Hardware/Software Configuration

    Below is a little diagram showing some of the components of my heating Control System. This is mainly based around the monitoring side. Soon I will be adding the XRF Relay board which will be used to control the central heating.

  • Install Node.js v0.8.2 on Raspbian

    Perform the following steps to get Node.js v0.8.2 installed on Raspbian (The latest OS release for the Raspberry Pi) Prep the system and get all the components needed to compile sudo apt-get install git-core build-essential Download the source and patch it git clone git clone cd node git checkout origin/v0.8.2-release -b v0.8.2-release git […]

  • Home Automation – Raspberry Pi Links

    Below is a number of links that have helped me setting up my Raspberry Pi iWebKit – Great framework for developing web apps that look like native iPhone apps Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript – Making App Store Apps Without Objective-C or Cocoa Making Electricity Usage Graphs with the Current Cost device […]

  • XRF -Sensors + Relays

    Following on my post about automating my central heating I have decided on the main wireless technology to use – XRF. These are small 3.3v wireless serial transmitters that retail for <£10 each. I am planning to use these for two parts of the system 1) Temperature Sensors ~£15 each I will be using these for […]

  • Internet Enabled Central Heating Controls

    This is the start of me trying to build a small Internet Enabled central heating controls. The idea is to replace my existing Drayton Tempus 7 unit. I have the following requirements Web Front End 7 Day Planner for Central Heating 7 Day Planner for Hot Water 1/2/3 Hour Boost Advance Switching for 2A 240v […]